CAA Roni Pistol carbine conversion Gen2 kit

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Please be familiar with your local gun regulations. Cannot ship to California!

For Glock 17/19 & Glock 34/35 a RONI G2 version will be provided (as displayed in image)


** The RONI G2-10 for Glock 20/21 arrives with no spare magazine holder on the stock





→ Converts your pistol to accurate carbines in 6 seconds with no assembly required
→ No pistol disassembly required, just place firearm into pistol carbine chassis
→ Upper flattop rail, allows combinations of sight, magnifier and/or night vision
→ Three Picatinny Rails for additional accessories
→ Accepts suppressor, up to 35.5mm diameter
→ Includes a detachable folding forearm grip, rear magazine holder and safety-lever for the trigger’s guard
→ Some pistol models require an integrated rail
→ Specifications can be slightly different between pistol models
→ Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety
→ Ambidextrous, easy and fast charging handle


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